The first step for every client is a free initial consultation.  This will help me to understand your running background, your  current level of fitness, and your goals for the future.  From this we can decide which service is the right to help you achieve your goals.


I use Team RunRun as my online coaching platform.  This not only simplifies and streamlines things like training plans and payment, it also provides a community of others runners for support and encouragement.  You can check out my plan options here.


If you're in the Phoenix or West Valley area I'll be happy to set up times to train with you in person including coaching speed sessions, supporting long runs, or working on form drills.


From time to time I offer group sessions through local running stores, which I will post here.  If you or your organization has a need for a coach-led running group please reach out to me to see how I can fulfill those needs.


Maybe you don't need continuous coaching, but would like some guidance for your next race.  I offer personalized training plans to help get you ready for peak performance.


As a coach I'm happy to help with other running needs.  Maybe you need race support, or a crew or pacer for a race.  I can work with you to meet those needs and help you achieve your running goals.  Additional services may also be added as I expand my business.


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