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Overcoming Excuses

June 3, 2018


It is wise to direct your anger towards problems -- not people; to focus your energies on answers -- not excuses. – William Arthur Ward


Most of us know what we need to do to be healthy – eat real food, not too much, and exercise.  While there may be variations over time as to what “experts” claim constitutes a healthy diet, which exercises are the best, or how much exercise we need each day, the basic tenets are there.  The hard part of course is putting what we know into practice.


There are plenty of excuses as to why we don’t exercise, and while they may seem valid at face value none of them are insurmountable obstacles.  I’m not saying it’s easy, or making light of the busyness in our lives, but when things are important to us we find a way.


So, to help you do that, I’m sharing some ideas for how you can fit activity into your day.  Hope they’re helpful, and if you have things you do to help stay active feel free to share.

  • Wake up early to get your exercise in before your day begins.  You’ll feel better and it’s easier than trying to fit it in after a long day when you’re tired and more likely to skip.

  • Use part or your lunch break at work to get in a walk.  If you want a little more of a challenge walk up and down the stairs.  Encourage co-workers to join you.

  • Speaking of work, use the stairs, park further away, walk to a co-workers desk to discuss something rather than sending an email.  These all get in those few extra steps that can add up over time.

  • Take breaks at work to do simple exercises like air squats, planks or lunges

  • Have kids in sports?  Use the time to walk or run laps of the field.  Encourage other parents to join you.

  • Go for a walk or run with a friend or your family as an added way to spend time together.  If you have small children that make it hard to keep a pace that fits you carry a weight or wear a weighted vest for extra challenge – or carry your little one.

  • Set workout dates with friends.  Not only will it help keep you accountable, it’s a good way to catch up and help your friend be healthy too.

  • Workout while watching tv in the evening.  Maybe that’s walking on a treadmill, or doing push ups during commercials.  It’s way better than sitting on the couch.

  • Set goals and make a plan to reach them.  If you have something to work towards it will make it easier to stick with your plan day to day.

  • Get a coach (C’mon, you had to have seen that coming).  Not only will a coach hold you accountable, they can help you come up with ways to fit running into your life.










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